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PainX™ Your Personal Masseur - Remove your pain away with just 15 minutes a day

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Is your pain taking a huge toll on you?

Are you spending a huge amount of your savings on professional massage therapy just to solve your body pain? 

Why is body pain a bad thing?

  • Affects your daily routine making you very uncomfortable
  • Unable to sleep well
  • Takes a toll of your health
  • Unable to enjoy good time with family and love ones
  • Unable to perform best for your favorite workouts
  • Drop in work performance resulting possible losing of job
  • Unable to support your clients to the fullest
  • Unable to have a good intimate time with your spouse

And many more!

Do you :

  • like to feel relaxed, removing all your body pain every single day after a full day of hard work?
  • sit in the office for long hours, typing and facing your laptop / desktop for long hours, causing stiff shoulder and neck pain?
  • drive long hours on the road causing you to have shoulder, neck and back pain?
  • taking long flights which causes you to have body pain?
  • feel tired after long hours of house chores and want to relax various part of your body?

If you are seriously looking for solution to your body pain effectively and painlessly, PainX™ is here to save your day!  


PainX™ is capable of removing all sorts of pain that you are facing after a long hectic day, putting you into a super relaxed mode, making you able to sleep like a baby at night.

Imagine the feeling of having a Personal Professional Masseur just beside you 24/7. You ease your pain, making you super comfortable whenever you want! 

The best part is you will over $20k a year if you are to visit a professional personal masseur just for one hour every day. 

The average cost of a professional personal masseur charge about $60 per hour. 

If you are to visit daily, it will cost you $21,600 a month! 

With just as little as 1.5 hours of professional personal masseur,  you can usePainX™ everyday, every year. It can also be shared with your love ones and family as well!

Best of all is that you can have professional massage therapy as and when you want, saving time and transport cost to visit a massage spa. 


Awesome Features of PainX:

  • Loosen your stiff neck so that you will be free from the pain due to incorrect posture which you have no choice due to hectic work place
  • Relief you from the severe back pain due to carrying heavy load or frequent bending which takes a toll on your back
  • Relax your legs and calves after extensive workout such as running, cycling or climbing mountain & stairs so that you are recharged right after that.
  • Relief yourself from menstrual or abdominal pain which are so unbearable every month
  • Relax your feet like a foot spa so that you can feel recharged after hours of walking & moving around.
  • Silent operation so that you can tactically enjoy the massage yourself without waking your partner up.



    PainX™ is affordable yet provide you with massive results.

    If you are seriously looking a solution to relief all of your body pains, look no more!
    Grab PainX today and you have a Professional Personal Masseur with you at a fraction of the the price!

    Let PainX™ take the pain away from you today!